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The Art & Science of Internet Car Sales – 7th revision. Contents last updated May 2019.

Contents © 2019 by Trace Ordiway. Information shared here does not necessarily reflect the opinions or recommendations of CDK Global, FordDirect, the Ford Motor Company, ShiftDigital or Subaru of America who are not responsible for this content.

All comments, criticisms and constructive suggestions welcome. trace@ordiway.com

Special thanks to Diana Ball Cooksey (www.dbcooksey.com) for introducing me oh those many years ago to true professional salesmanship and showing me how it’s done. DBC, your stamp is on a lot of the content of this book.

Thanks also to David Kain of Kain Automotive for the use of the phrase, “The email sells the phone call, the phone call sells the appointment, and the appointment sells the car.” Check out David’s training and consulting offerings @ https://kain.auto.

What Is This Site?

This site is a volunteer labor of love, provided at no charge to the car sales community.

This book/website first began to take shape almost 10 years ago. Wow, so much has changed in that time. Viewed through today’s eyes some of the tools and communication styles we used and recommended back then were, at best, quaint, and, at worst, cringe-worthy. Change is good. Yet one thing that has not changed in all this time is dealerships' continued inability to deliver a consistently professional shopping experience to Internet customers. This book exists to help solve that problem.

Note that this is not a traditional car sales training book/site. If you want to learn how to overcome objections, how to prospect, how to do a perfect walkaround, how to memorize and deploy proven closes, etc. etc. there are already thousands of titles out there to teach you. Instead, this book is about how to communicate with Internet prospects (people who have submitted a form lead to you) in such a way that you greatly increase your ability to set appointments. Because, until you have a customer in the store, you don’t have a sales opportunity. And without a sales opportunity you don’t have anyone to practice those closing skills on.

Therefore, this book is simply about how to get interested customers into the store. What you do with them once they get there is the subject of other books. Whether you are brand new to the biz or are a veteran Internet/BDC salesperson I think you will find valuable instructional content here.

In 2010, after 26 years of inside and outside sales (houses, multimedia services, software and cars) I became a retail automobile salesmanship and communications skills best practices consultant and trainer. Every day I am in car dealerships watching, listening, teaching, training, and helping them improve their Internet sales efforts. Therefore, you can be assured that the information herein is up-to-date real-world common-sense stuff that works.

I hope you enjoy what follows.