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Contents last updated January 2018. "The Art & Science of Internet Car Sales" 7th edition (6th revision).

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What Is This Site?

This site is a volunteer labor of love, provided at no charge to the car sales community.

As a working Internet car sales best practices consultant I am in dealerships every week witnessing and participating in our industry's rapid transition. The idea for this book came about when I realized that, as quickly as our industry is changing, there is a real need for an Internet car sales best practices playbook that can be updated and modified when needed and as needed.  And so this site / Kindle book / paperback book was born.

Since January 2010 I have been an Internet sales communications and best practices consultant for the Ford-Lincoln Digital Team of FordDirect.  Our primary focus in this time has been effective lead management.   We ask, "What are you doing with the leads you receive right now, Mr. Dealer, and how can we help you get better results?" 

For almost two years prior to joining the Ford-Lincoln Digital Team I was an Internet Salesman at Boardwalk Volkswagen, the largest VW store in Texas. During my stay there I was "Salesman of the Month" four times and, for 2009, I was Boardwalk's "Salesman of the Year". This marked the first time that an "Internet Guy" earned the SOTY award.

For two and a half years before that I was the Internet Sales Manager at Subaru of Dallas (TX). In both 2007 and 2006 I was recognized by Subaru as a "Top 20 Salesperson" in the South/Central region, receiving the Subaru Summit "Peak Performer" award in 2007 and the Sales Stars "Silver Award" in 2006. Both years I was one of only three "Internet Guys" to get these awards.

While at Boardwalk Volkswagen:
- I wrote my own email follow-up templates and email/phone follow-up schedule.
- Managed the store's eBay sales efforts.
- Conducted regular mystery shops of area VW franchise stores.
- Started an industry blog to share best practice Internet sales and merchandising strategies. ordiway2.blogspot.com/

While at Subaru of Dallas:
- I personally customized the dealership's Cobalt website, doing all the HTML graphics, text and layout work.
- Managed two online used car salesmen.
- Shot photos for new and used cars.
- Started a blog to educate consumers on the workings of the retail car business. ordiway.blogspot.com/
- Directed the store's Google AdWords and organic SEO efforts.
- Managed the store's eBay sales efforts.
- Was a volunteer beta tester and consultant to Subaru and Cobalt during a national website changeover.
- Single-handedly built and launched an online Subaru store DiscountSubaru.com that turned out to be ahead of its time (and ultimately failed).